Breathe Normally

When the Pressure of Life Becomes Difficult

Flight Instructions for a Spiritual Life Out of Control

April 16, 2017 • Tim Turner

Through Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, we can breathe normally even though we have sinned.

Flight Instructions for a Family in Crisis

April 9, 2017 • Tim Turner

When God builds the house, we can breathe normally.

Flight Instructions When Life is Spiraling Out of Control

April 2, 2017 • Tim Turner

Prayer can help us to breathe normally when everything around us seems out of control.

Flight Instructions for Life Changing Situations

March 26, 2017 • Tim Turner

We can breathe normally in life changing situations when we focus on the will of God and are willing to wait on God’s timing.

Flight Instructions When Facing Death

Faith is like the oxygen mask that enables us to breathe normally under scary circumstances.