Dealing with Distractions

Heart Set on Pilgrimage

October 9, 2021 • Susan McClean • Psalm 84

So what are some practical, tangible ways - things you can do to keep your heart set on pilgrimage? How do you keep feeding your spirit throughout your day, as you go? With purposeful, intentional discipline: 1. Set aside time daily to read the Word - make it non-negotiable. 2. Make time for prayer - use a timer - it will help you to stay more focused, knowing that your time is limited. You will train your mind. -use a list or an app, something to keep your mind and thoughts focused -write prayers as you're praying -"table" distractions - write them down or set reminders and then you're free to stop thinking about them 3. Read devotionals throughout the day - set aside times at intervals, or keep them in a strategic place - when you go to pick up your phone, pick up a devotional instead. 4. Listen to worship and praise music. 5. Read or listen to Christian books, including biographies. 6. Fast - generally - to dethrone your flesh. You can fast all food, do a Daniel fast, fast particular kinds of foods. 7. Fast - specific things - delete Facebook or Instagram off of your phone for a week or a month. Choose to not do/read/watch/go to something that distracts you for a defined period of time. You know what things distract you. If you make it indefinite, you will be less likely to fulfill it. But if you have an end in sight, it is more attainable. 8. Prioritize time for fellowship with other believers(we aren't on the pilgrim journey alone!) Being with other believers helps you keep a right perspective and gives you accountability. 9. Find ways to serve.