Beyond Belief

Message Series / 10.8–11.12

Beyond Comfort to Commitment

Mark Ashton • November 12, 2017

1 Chronicles 29:1-9 (Maybe 11-20) – particularly, v. 11 is a RADICAL statement for a king to make!  V. 11 could be the heart of the message.  V. 14 puts it all in perspective.  “Its all God’s anyway.”  The order of giving… leaders first. By: Mark Ashton

Beyond Strength to Sacrifice

Mark Ashton • November 5, 2017

David is very calculating with his armies… numbers and measuring his worth.  He is finding his power, comfort and security in armies, not in God.  Think of how far he has come since the encounter with Goliath.  Or from the caves with his few but mighty men.  David is so condemned because he has move from fully trusting in God to fully trusting in self.  When we go there, God often meets us with consequence. By: Mark Ashton

Beyond My Kingdom to His Kingdom

October 29, 2017 • Mark Ashton

In this passage, David commits to build God’s house and God counters… No David, I am going to build your house!  And the kingdom of David will be a foretaste of the ultimate king who will sit on David’s throne for ever and ever. By: Mark Ashton

Beyond Hurting to Healing

Mark Ashton • October 22, 2017

In light of recent events in our church family we learn from King David how to move beyond hurting to healing. By: Mark Ashton

Beyond Work to Worship

Mark Ashton • October 15, 2017

David danced before the LORD with all of his might.  He was undignified, unpresidential, unkingly… David was only concerned about God and his worship of God, not the onlookers.  “Everything is God’s… he is the center and I will dance recklessly before him!” By: Mark Ashton

Beyond Victory to Vulnerability

Mark Ashton • October 8, 2017

2 Samuel 5 – David becomes king – both Israel and Judah.  His capital can’t be central Judah (Hebron)– it has be in a different area to centralize his kingship.  Defensible, water source.  Establishes trade.  Very decisive moments. By: Mark Ashton