April 1st, 2018, Easter

Galatians 2:20

April 1, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff • Resurrected: Are you really living?

Theme: Resurrected: Are you really living? Passage: Galatians 2:20 How to truly live: 1. Be crucified with Christ. a. Why? i. Who we are does not matter (2:15) ii. What we do does not matter (2:16a) iii. Apart from Christ, we fall short no matter how much we do (17–18). b. How? i. Recognize what Christ accomplished (19a). ii. Trust what Christ accomplished (16b). 2. Allow Christ to be first in your life. a. You no longer live. b. Christ lives in you. 3. Continue to approach life by trusting and modeling Christ. a. You still have to live life. b. Follow Christ’s example by doing what he did. Main Idea: We can live resurrected life now because of what Jesus has done for us and is doing in us. Application Questions: • Look back at Galatians 1 and 2 up to this point in the letter. How does what Paul says here in 2:19–20 fit into this context? • How does the world define and describe really living? • Why do we as humans struggle so much with trying to work for our salvation or right standing with God? What are the problems with this? • How should Christ living in you affect the decisions and choices that you make? • In what ways can we model Christ’s example found at the end of v. 20?

June 17th, 2018

Happy Father's Day • June 17, 2018 • Paster Jack

This is Missions Sunday and wont be broadcasted to protect the Missionaries

June 10th, 2018

1 Peter 1:1-2 • June 10, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

June 3rd, 2018

Exodus 40 • June 3, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Passage: Exodus 40 Theme: God dwells with his holy people What we learn about God from the end of Exodus: • God immanently resides • God transcendently abides • God providentially guides What we learn about us in contrast to Israel from the end of Exodus: • We permanently display God’s glory. • We continually access God's presence. • We confidently walk by God’s guidance. Main Idea: As God’s holy people, we possess and reflect God’s presence individually and corporately. Application Questions: 1. How is it that one receives God’s presence in their lives today? Can we lose God’s presence in our lives? 2. Read Exodus 34:29–35 and 2 Corinthians 3:12-18. What contrast does Paul make between Moses’s display of God’s glory and the way God’s glory is displayed in the lives of believers? In what ways is this comforting to you? What applications does Paul make for us in 2 Cor. 4? 3. Compare and contrast the presence and worship of God in the tabernacle with his presence and worship in the church today. 4. How does the knowledge that God guides his children give you confidence to approach life?