August 2, 2020

Glory and grace seen in relationship through submission

August 2, 2020 • Pastor Phil Burggraff • John 14:15–31

Theme: Glory and grace seen in relationship through submission Passage: John 14:15–31 Notice three truths concerning love and obedience in this text: 1. We express our love for Jesus through obedience to his commands (15–21). Results that come from love through obedience: a. Intercessory work of Jesus b. Indwelling Spirit c. Resurrected life of Jesus d. Participatory fellowship with the triune God 2. We face one of two outcomes in love through obedience (22–24): a. The love and presence of the Father and Son b. Rejection by him due to rejection of his word 3. We possess catalysts that help us love through obedience (25–31): a. The Holy Spirit b. Peace that casts out fear c. Jesus our perfect example Main Idea: Love through obedience demonstrates our relationship with and in God. Application Questions: • What commands are we to obey if we truly love Jesus? Why is it that love is expressed through obedience? • Of the four results that Jesus states come from love through obedience in vv. 15–21, which has particular application to your life right now? How so? • In vv. 22–24, Jesus speaks of God’s love as conditioned upon obedience. How can this be? Can we fall out of God’s love? • How does the Holy Spirit teach and remind us (v. 26)? What does that look like in your life today?

September 20, 2020

Glory and Grace Tried and Dismissed • September 20, 2020 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

The trial of Jesus demonstrates the following: 1. The world’s power systems aren’t in control. (28–32) 2. Truth answers a who question not a what question (33–38a) 3. Most look at the Father’s Son and reject him (38b–40) 4. Those who reject Jesus want him humiliated (1–7) 5. True power uses its authority for the benefit of others (8–11) 6. Jesus as king would serve as the final Passover lamb (12–16) Main Idea: We must embrace the humiliating sacrifice of Jesus to experience true power.

September 13, 2020

Glory and Grace Betrayed • September 13, 2020 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Theme: Glory and Grace Betrayed Passage: John 18:1–27 Two Scenes: 1. Jesus Arrested (18:1–12) a. Despite the bleak circumstances, Jesus remains completely in control. b. Yet, Jesus willingly surrenders his life to the Father’s mission. 2. Jesus Tried by the Jewish Authorities (18:13–27) a. The true high priest serves by sacrificing himself for the sheep. b. The disciple must ... i. recognize their own inadequacy and failures ii. respond by looking to and pointing others to Jesus. Main Idea: We identify with Jesus so that others know that He is life.

September 6, 2020

Glory and Grace through Christ's Church • September 6, 2020 • Pastor Josh Kee

Jesus’ prayer is a prayer of consecration (setting apart for a specific purpose): • Consecration of Jesus to his Father’s work • Consecration of Jesus’ followers to his Father’s mission in the world o His prayer informs the church’s identity and priorities 17:1a - "After he said these things…" • Farewell Discourse (chs. 13-16) ○ Serve one another; love one another (13) ○ Believe in God, believe on Christ - He is the way, truth, life (14:1-14) ○ The Helper (paraclete) will come (14:15-31) ○ I am the true Vine - remain in my love; obey my commands (15:1-17) ○ I have been hated; you will be hated (15:18-27) ○ I will empower you by my Spirit (16:1-15) ○ I will turn your sorrow into joy (16:16-24) o I give you peace in trouble because I overcome the world (16:25-33) 1. 17:1b-8 :: Jesus prays for his and his Father’s glory a. (v. 1) Jesus and his Father are so united that to give glory to the one is to give glory to the other b. (v. 2) God’s plan was always to glorify himself by giving life to the world through the person and work of Jesus c. (vv. 2-3) To exist for God’s glory (our first conviction) is to continuously reorient ourselves to the person and work of Jesus = discipleship d. (vv. 4-8) Jesus completes his work by giving his disciples his Father’s words, atoning for sin, and ascending back to the Father – from glory to glory 2. 17:9-19 :: Jesus prays for his disciples a. (vv. 9-10) Jesus is glorified by bringing i. The church is the dwelling place of God, and therefore God’s glory (Ephesians 1:20-22) ii. The church is the arena in which the glory of God is displayed in the world (Ephesians 3:9-13) b. (vv. 11-12) Jesus asks the Father to protect his disciples c. (vv. 13-19) Jesus asks for his disciples to have his very own joy as they carry on his mission in a world that hates God, and therefore will hate them (Genesis 3:15) 3. 17:20-26 :: Jesus prays for his future disciples a. (vv. 20-23) Jesus prays for unity among his disciples . The church’s unity with God enables its unity with one another i. We exemplify the beauty of God’s glory to the world by our shared unity ii. WARNING: Disunity not only complicates church life, it opposes the mission of God b. (vv. 24-25) Jesus desires his disciples to be with him and to share in his glory c. (v. 26) Jesus will continue to make the Father known to his disciples through the Holy Spirit, and to the world through his church Main Point: The church glorifies God by participating in his life, unity, and mission in the world, with the very joy of Christ.