Easter Sunday Service

John 21: 15-24

April 21, 2019 • Pastor Phil Burggraff • Why We Need Jesus To Flourish

Passage: John 21:15–24 Theme: Flourish Why we need Jesus to flourish 1. Our intentions, efforts and resolve, no matter how noble and sincere, will fail (Jn . 13:31–38). 2. He pursues us to provide exactly what we need (Jn. 21:1–14). 3. He restores us so that we flourish according to his design (21:15–24). a. He forgives those who have failed him. b. He commissions restored followers to thrive according to his design for them. c. He expects his restored followers to follow him wherever he may lead them. Main Idea: We flourish in life when we lay aside our own efforts and faithfully pursue our risen Lord. Application Questions: • Take a look back at some of the recent events in Peter’s life preceding John 21: John 13:1–11, 31–38; 18:1–11, 15–18, 25–27. How would you characterize Peter’s intentions versus his actions? What intentions have you had (do you have) for following Jesus, and how have they fallen short? • From these same passages and the present passage, how did Jesus respond to Peter? How do we receive a similar response from him? • How would you define and describe flourishing? Why is flourishing a theme that is appropriate for resurrection Sunday? • In seeing the reasons we need Jesus to flourish that come from this text, what areas is Jesus pointing out in your life that need to be addressed so that you can be restored and forgiven in order to pursue him?