November 5th 2017

Baptism in the Park

November 5, 2017 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

The church will be having service at Phillipe Park followed by a baptism and picnic.

October 14, 2018

Caring For Christ's Flock - • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Passage: 1 Peter 5:1–5- Theme: Caring for Christ’s Flock 1. Church leadership must care for Christ’s flock well (1–4). a. Leadership is part of Christ’s plan for his church (1). b. Leadership primarily involves member care (2a). c. Leadership that cares for church members must be characterized (2b–3) i. by a willingness to follow God’s design ii. by an awareness to serve rather than receive iii. by an example for others to follow d. Leadership serves Christ to bring him glory (4). 2. Church members must submit to this leadership (5a). 3. Church community must act in humility towards one another (5b). Main Idea: We must humbly submit to one another to glorify Christ as he shepherds his church according to his design. Application Questions: • How would you describe effective leadership in any aspect of life? How might that be similar to what we see here, and how might that differ? • According to vv. 2–4, list and describe the characteristics of effective church leadership. • How do we measure successful church leadership according to v.4? How might that differ from the way in which effective church leadership is measured according to typical church standards? • What should submission to church leadership look like in your life (5)? • How can we foster genuine humility at all levels within the church community?

October 7, 2018

1 Peter 4: 12-19 • October 7, 2018 • Pastor Josh Kee

Passage: 1 Peter 4: 12-19 Theme: Persecution of the Church. This week we will study 1 Peter 4:12-19, where Peter reminds us that to suffer for Christ is to be expected and that those who suffer are blessed in his kingdom. The worship service will focus in on the persecuted church, dedicating some time to consider the reality for many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, and to pray for those who are suffering for the sake of Christ. Discussion Q’s: 1. Why do you think suffering surprises so many of us, especially in the West? 2. What does suffering prove about us according to Peter? 3. Why can we rejoice in the midst of suffering in light of God’s promises? 4. How can you become more engaged with the sufferings of Christians around the world?

September 30, 2018

1 Peter 4: 4-11 • September 30, 2018 • Pastor Phil Burggraff

Passage: 1 Peter 4:7–11 Theme: Living out Christ’s Victory How we live out Christ’s victory: 1. Understand the Time (7a) 2. Maintain clear thinking that turns to prayer first (7b) 3. Cultivate community with fellow believers (8–11a): a. Earnestly love (8) b. Demonstrate hospitality (9) c. Serve with your gifts (10–11a) Main Idea: Believers glorify God by living their lives for the betterment of Christ’s community rather than themselves. Application Questions: • How could Peter claim that “the end of things is near” and yet 2000 years has passed? Did Peter get it wrong? How is this statement applicable to our lives today? • What can we do to be self-controlled and sober-minded in our thinking? According to verse 7, to what should clear thinking by believers lead? What hinders you in this area? • How should love “cover a multitude of sins”? Does this mean that we should simply overlook sin? • What spiritual gift has God given you? How are you utilizing this gift for the betterment of Christ’s church? What is hindering you from serving? • According to verse 11, how is God glorified? Therefore, how do we bring God glory according to this text?