Acts Series

June 4th 2017

We have reached the end of our study in the book of Acts. While we may have anticipated that Acts should end with the conclusion of Paul's life, Luke has not produced for us a biography of the life of Paul. Rather, from the beginning, the story of Acts has been the story of God getting the gospel (good news) of his Son, Jesus, the Messiah, to all people groups, Jews and Gentiles alike, even to the farthest reaches of the earth. This is exactly where Acts ends, Paul in Rome evangelizing any and all who will listen. Today, we continue that mission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to any and all who will listen.

May 28th 2017

We are nearing the end of our study through Acts. This week we come upon a scene in which Paul is given an audience before the most powerful rulers over Judea. Before being sent on to Rome in order to make an appeal before Caesar, Paul presents his testimony of salvation and his ministry of the gospel before these prominent Jewish authorities. We will see in this scene key themes on sharing the life of the gospel in the most intimidating of settings. Even rulers will some day have to recognize the authority of Jesus the Messiah because he has conquered death and brought true life through his resurrection.

May 21st 2017

In this passage we find the only speech by Paul recorded in the book of Acts that is addressed exclusively to Christians. He was on his way to Jerusalem and was convinced he would never see these brothers again (v25). His speech was heartfelt and urgent and meant to inspire the church to remain true to his manner, his message and his mission. His 'last words' are pertinent for us today!

May 14th 2017

As we have seen throughout our study of Acts, God works to save people in a variety of different ways. He pursues and saves individuals who may be reaching out and searching for him. This Sunday, Martha Albright will be sharing her testimony how God brought the message of salvation to her village and miraculously saved her.

May 7th 2017

April 30th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 17: 16-34

April 16th 2017

Acts Series: John 12: 20-36

April 9th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 15: 1-35

March 26th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 10:1-48

March 19th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 9:1-30

March 12th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 8:4-40

March 5th 2017

Acts Series: Acts 8 1-4

February 26th 2017

February 19th 2017

February 12th 2017