Mark 10:27-45

July 19, 2020 • Seth Campeau

Has anyone ever asked you, "Why did Jesus come anyway?", and you just didn't have a clear, concise answer? We all have if we are honest. Today we are going to hear from the Man Himself. Jesus is stepping in to tell us why He came, what was the purpose of it all.. to Serve and pay the Ransom fee for our lives... so we can be free slaves for Christ!

"Jesus, Worship or Waste?

Mark 14:1-21 • September 13, 2020 • Seth Campeau

Is Jesus worth all your worship or is He a waste of time? How do we approach Jesus? Is it with a desire to get things from Him, or to give of our best to Him, because of Him? Oh if we can see the beauty of the cross. Oh how magnificent Jesus would appear to us? Let me ask again, is Jesus worthy of your worship or is He a waste of time? Does our life reflect our response? The Lord is going to show us a contrast between 2 people. Each of them does a value analysis of the Savior & each of them responds to who Jesus is very differently. One will worship Him and have eyes only for Jesus, while the other person sees Jesus as a means to an end, when that end is no longer in sight, he considers Jesus a waste, and sells his soul for silver! The Evil Plot, Religious leaders plan to kill Jesus, but not during the Passover The Anointing, the woman does something unthinkable & draws criticism from the people around her. She doesn’t seem phased in the least. She worships with “reckless abandon” The Betrayal, it won’t be an outsider, or an obvious enemy of Jesus’ that will betray Him, but 1 of the 12, of the inside core. Someone respected, who appears to be a super holy, moral, giving guy, someone you would never expect will betray Jesus, and it was all part of Gods perfect plan!

"Waiting In Action"

Mark 13:24-35 • September 6, 2020 • Seth Campeau

"Watch & Be Ready"

Mark 13:1-23 • August 30, 2020 • Seth Campeau