Current Studies

Mark 1:21-3

Wednesday, October 10th • Pastor Dwight Douville

A Prophet Without Honor - Mark 6:1-6

Sunday, October 7th • Pastor Dwight Douville

Mark 1:14-22

Wednesday, October 3rd • Pastor Joshua Boubion

The Unforgivable Sin and The Invisible War - Mark 3:22-30

Sunday, September 30th • Pastor Dwight Douville

Days of Doubt - Mark 1:1-11

Sunday, September 23rd • Pastor Dwight Douville

1 John 1:1-10 - True Fellowship

Wednesday, September 19th • Pastor Joshua Boubion

All Scripture By Inspiration of God - Mark 16:9-20

Sunday, September 16th • Pastor Dwight Douville

2 Peter 3:10-18 Be Steadfast

Wednesday, September 12th • Pastor Joshua Boubion

The Day of The Lord and The Need To Watch

Sunday Service 1, September 9th • David Hocking

Video coming soon...

Zephaniah's Message To The Church

Sunday Service 2, September 9th • Pastor Chris Quintana