Thursday Study

Book of Matthew

Matthew 8:16-27

Ask and See • September 24, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

We see Jesus the Lord of All Creation, and Lord who Calms the Storms of our life - to which we can ask and see, which if not both of those, do I need of Him today?

Matthew 8:1-15

Jesus is Willing • September 17, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Jesus heals a leper, a Gentile, and a woman in our passage tonight. Jesus is saying forge your religious reasoning, forget your preconceived idea of who is worthy of the Kingdom of God, and watch and see who I came for.

Matthew 8:1-4

Outcast to Accepted • September 10, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Interestingly the first thing to happen after the Sermon on the Mount is the healing of a leper. God sends a clear and wonderful message to those who see the need to be touched and cleansed by the Lord.

Matthew 7:13-29

The 4 Warnings of the Sermon on the Mount • September 3, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Jesus the Good Shepherd both feeds the flock, and warns the flock. Join us as He ties these 4 warnings into a strong conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew 7: 1-12

Judging, Casting, Asking • August 27, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

We continue our walk with Jesus, and we are sitting at the Sermon on the Mount tonight, looking at Judging, Casting, Asking, and Doing.....as we begin to hear from the Lord on our relations with others.

Matthew 6:14-34

The Eclipse of the Son • August 20, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Join us as we continue our study through Matthew, Jesus will show us 4 things that block, eclipse, us from fully being Lights unto the World.

Matthew 6:9-13

The Lord's Prayer • August 13, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

We continue on our study through Matthew, and we come to the Lord's prayer. and Jesus giving us His disciples the way to pray, and pray unto pure power.

Matthew 6:1-13

Lord Teach Us to Pray • August 6, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

As we continue our study in Matthew we have come to the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:1-13), and the Lord will give us fresh insights to the reason and heart of prayer. Join us as we hear the heart of the Lord for prayer.

Matthew 5:33-48

Second Mile Living • July 30, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Continue walking with Jesus through the Gospels. Our passage tonight is walking in perfection. Join us as we see the Lord helping us in that walk.

Matthew 5:17-32

It's All A Matter of the Heart • July 23, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

"But I say to you"- Jesus shows us it is all a "matter of the heart" in our continuation of our study of the Sermon on the Mount. Join us as we hear the Lord's heart for our heart.

Matthew 5:13-16

Salt and Light • July 16, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Continuing our study through the Gospel of Matthew, and the Sermon on the Mount - Salt and Light, what a glorious life we GET to live. Join us as we hear the Lord's heart for our lives.

Matthew 5:1-12

Sermon on the Mount • July 9, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

Beginning our study of the Sermon on the Mount. Join us as we walk with Jesus through the Book of Matthew.

Matthew 4:12-25

5 Things God Wants To Change • July 2, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

What we think life should be, how God moves, and how the message should be preached... These are just some things God wants to change our minds about.

Matthew 4:12-16

Jesus Changing Minds • June 25, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

We see Jesus stirring up the world, and it then causes many to have to change the mind on the way they think. Join us and may the Lord stir us up, and change our mind on things that need changing.

Matthew 4:1-11

Answers From Jesus • June 18, 2020 • Pastor Ray Bollas

In Matthew 4:1-11, we will see a defeated Devil, as Jesus will show us how to use the Armor and the Arsenal in spiritual warfare.