John 1:1-2_Part 1

January 25, 2018 • Pastor Ray Bollas

There’s a lot of uncertainty in this life. Things come and go. Jobs come and go. Loved ones live and die. In a matter of seconds, life as you know it can drastically change in completely unexpected and often unwelcome ways. As Pastor Ray begins our study of the book of John, we are reminded that there is one who is steadfast. One who we can count on no matter what. No matter what we’ve been through, what we’re going through now, or what may come, Christ is with us through it all.

John 1:1-2_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

The Trinity is one of the biggest mysteries confronting believers. It is a stumbling block for many coming to the faith. How can three be one? It’s impossible for us to wrap our heads around, and that’s okay. As Pastor Ray explains in today’s message, this mystery has perplexed even the most esteemed evangelists and spiritual leaders. But we believe in the Truth of Scripture, and as we see in this passage, it reassures us that Jesus was God. He was not just a prophet or a really good man. He was, and is God.

John 1:3-13_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

The Gospel of John What will be your legacy? When people think about you, what do you want to come to mind? John was known by the early church as the “disciple whom Jesus loved”. What an amazing legacy! As Pastor Ray challenges us in today’s message, we need to examine ourselves and test our motives and passions. Are we resting our head on our money, talents, or relationships? Those things can be great blessings in our lives, but we need to rest our head on Jesus’ heart and pursue His love above all else.

John 1:3-13_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

God blessed Israel and built their nation to be a light to the world. He set apart abundant blessings for them and gave them guidance through Scripture and the Prophets. Yet they continuously missed it. They failed to recognize His blessings and reflect His goodness to the world. As Pastor Ray warns us in today’s message, we can easily make the same mistake. God has been gracious and kind to us, and it is our responsibility to reflect His great love and kindness to the world around us.

John 1:14-34_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

There was nothing ordinary about Jesus. There are those who try to find every ounce of His humanity in the Gospel accounts, attempting to downplay the true magnitude of who He was. This was God in the flesh! The Creator of the entire universe, all-powerful and all-knowing, lowered Himself down to the form of His creation out of the depths of a love we can’t fathom. In today’s message, Pastor Ray reminds us of just how incredible, and worthy of praise our Savior is.

John 1:14-34_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

The contrast between the giving of the law and the arrival of its fulfillment is striking. A quiet, humble birth in the manger, against a thundering, violent casting of commandments in stone. These demonstrations show the justice of God, compared to His endless capacity to love and forgive. As Pastor Ray draws our attention to these attributes of God, we are reminded of His gentleness and grace. As a loving Father He has given us guidance in the law, and equipped us to abide by it through Jesus Christ.

John 1:14-34_Part 3

Pastor Ray Bollas

All of us want purpose in life. As we encounter Jesus’ cousin, John, we hear a voice calling out in the desert, declaring the coming of the Messiah. This is a man whose entire purpose was to talk about Jesus. His life wasn’t about building a successful following or ministry for his own glory and benefit. As Pastor Ray reminds us, John’s purpose was to point the way to Christ. We share in that purpose. In every relationship, it is the calling of all believers to point towards our loving Savior.

John 1:35-39_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

No one aspires to mediocrity. We may not desire fame, great riches, or power, but we don’t want to be remembered as just an average person. John the Baptist definitely wasn’t average. He never wrote a book of the Bible. He didn’t lead thousands of Israelites out of oppression. His life may not stand out when placed next to some other figures in Scripture. But, as Pastor Ray points out in today’s message, he got to say the words that every prophet before him wished they could utter: “Behold the Lamb of God.”

John 1:35-39_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that God couldn’t possibly care about the petty issues we face in our everyday lives. It’s hard to understand why the God of the universe would busy Himself with us at all, let alone with our seemingly minor trials and tribulations. As Pastor Ray continues to lead us through the first chapter of John, we are reminded that God does care. He cares deeply about the affairs of our heart, and He longs for us to seek His comfort and aid in every matter.

John 1:40-51_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to bring people to God through our own programs and clever tactics. Many churches put on elaborate services or “seeker-friendly” events, often times more focused on flashy production or easily digestible “life lessons” than on pointing people to Christ. As Pastor Ray reminds us, that is our primary mission, to simply bring people to Jesus. As much as possible, we should get ourselves out of the way, and let them see who He is.

John 1:40-51_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

Following Jesus is worth it. It may cost you friends. It may cost you a job or a comfortable life. For many throughout history, and even in the world today, it has cost them their lives. But as Pastor Ray assures us, it is worth it. Jesus loved us so much that He gave His life to offer us salvation from our sin and the punishment for it. If we find ourselves enduring suffering for the sake of His name, we can count it as a privilege to participate in glorifying Him and demonstrating His great love for this world.

John 2:1-10_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

As we encounter the story of Jesus’ first recorded miracle in Scripture, the turning of water into wine, we are reminded that Jesus is ready for every situation that we are confronted with. Running out of drinks for a party may seem petty, but as Pastor Ray will illustrate in today’s message, there is much significance to the context of this miracle. Regardless of the circumstance, Jesus can and will meet our needs and fulfill the desires of our hearts as we seek His will for our lives and our world.

John 2:1-10_Part 2

Pastor Ray Bollas

As Pastor Ray explains in today’s message, there’s a big difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is largely based on external factors, and fluctuates by the day. Joy resonates deep down and is a state of being. The things of this world can bring us happiness that lasts for moments, but quickly wear off in the face of hardship or loss. When we place our faith in Jesus and trust in Him to guide and provide for us, we find joy that transcends the peaks and valleys we walk through.

John 2:1-10_Part 3

Pastor Ray Bollas

By the world’s standards, the life of many believers may look grim. The world says to live for self. It says to put your needs and wants first above others. You deserve that car, or that house. You should have the right clothes. You should be comfortable. It’s all about serving self, yet, so many are depressed and unhappy. As Pastor Ray reminds us in today’s message, the life of a believer, while focused on serving God and others, is one of joy that surpasses understanding.

John 2:11-25_Part 1

Pastor Ray Bollas

Are you ready for confrontation? There will be moments as you follow Jesus that He’s going to turn over tables and confront things that are wrong in your life or in the lives of those around you. As Pastor Ray explains in today’s message, we will have mountaintop experiences, just as the disciples did when Jesus turned water into wine and healed the sick, and it’ll be easy to believe and stand with Him. But we should also expect and embrace confrontation, because in those moments we are truly challenged to grow.