The Just Shall Live By Faith

Victory in Jesus

Christians are Ultimate Winners • January 16, 2019 • Dr. John Waterloo

The Way of Obedience

There is No Honor in Rebellion • January 9, 2019 • Dr. John Waterloo

A Desired Destiny

The Paths of a Righteous Man are Ordered by the Lord • December 12, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

* Gods plan is the best plan - Comes with duty and honor - Comes with hindrances * Participate and cooperate with God... in joy!


There is True Hope Only in Christ • November 28, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

* Hope’s Premise - There is victory in Jesus * Hope’s Promise - God says we are overcomers! We will reap His rewards if we faint not! * Hope’s Power - We will be empowered by the Comforter! God’s grace is sufficient! * Hope’s Person - Jesus! Hope has to be in someone who is unchanging! * Hope’s Practice - Set your sights on Jesus! He’s always in control. Don’t faint!

We Can't Do It Alone!

Partners in the Kingdom • November 20, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

* First, We Can’t Do It Alone * Second, We Ought to Live in Such a Way that People are Thankful for Us!

The Deceit of Enticing Words

Separate from Habitually Divisive and Carnal People, Pt. 2 • October 10, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Mark Them Which Cause Divisions

Separate From Habitually Divisive and Carnal People • October 3, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

It's a Team Effort

The Critical Need for a Unified Body in Kingdom Work • September 26, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

The Comfort of the Scriptures

Living in HOPE! • September 12, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Bear the Infirmities of the Weak

The Danger of Impatience • September 5, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Mind Your Conscience

Individual Soul Liberty, Pt. 3 • August 8, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Beware Becoming a Stumblingblock

Individual Soul Liberty, Pt. 2 • August 1, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

But Why Dost Thou Judge Thy Brother?

Individual Soul Liberty • July 15, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Sleepers Awake!

Beware of Spiritual Lethargy and Darkness; Walk in Light • July 8, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

Love: The Foundational Principle

Love Fulfills ALL the Law • July 5, 2018 • Dr. John Waterloo

• Love is active (investment in others) • Love is sacrificial (the needs of people over ritual) • Love reaches out to those who are different