The Gospel of John

Life in His Name

Refocused and Redirected (Part 2) - John 21

April 16, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • John 21

As we close our study in the Gospel of John, we see how the disciples had stepped back, which led to utter failure. Yet, their stepping forward and trusting Christ led to huge success. We too must step forward and follow the lead of our Savior who gives life and power to live life.

Refocused and Redirected - John 20

April 9, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • John 20

The importance of the resurrection of Jesus cannot be understated. Paul says that without it, our faith is futile, and we're still in our sins (1 Cor 15:17). As we study and celebrate the resurrection, we give glory to God that this was written so that we may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing we may have life in his name.

Good Friday Service - John 18:33-19:30

April 7, 2023 • Pastor Kenny Fisher • John 18:33—19:30

Tonight we reflect on our Savior, Jesus, and His great sacrifice on the cross on our behalf.

Kingdom Values Gone Bad - John 18:1-11

April 2, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • John 18:1–11

As we study the passage where Judas betrays Jesus, we see that our kingdom values will be tested by our circumstances and demonstrated by our actions during those circumstances. When we focus on the wrong kingdom (like the disciples did), our actions will lead us down the wrong path, but Jesus never lost sight of the will of the Father and His mission to bring salvation full and free to all who put their faith in Him.

Jesus Prays for His Disciples - John 17:1-26

March 26, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 17

The central theme of this chapter known as the High Priestly Prayer is Jesus' desire for the Father's glory and the disciples' welfare. Jesus prayerfully intercedes like a high priest to carry the needs of the people to the almighty God. Some read this prayer as though it were rather gloomy. It is not. It is uttered by One who has just affirmed that He has overcome the world (16:33), and it starts from this conviction. Jesus looks forward at the cross but in a mood of hope and joy, not despair.

Joy in Jesus - John 16:16-33

March 19, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 16:16–33

As we continue in Jesus' teaching to His disciples, we see that a life without God leads to overwhelming sorrow, but Jesus offers eternal joy for our present tribulation.

The Holy Spirit: More Than a Comforter! - John 16:5-15

March 12, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • John 16:5–15

As we continue learning from Jesus' teaching to His disciples, we study the Holy Spirit's role in the life of the Eleven, the world, and the lives of believers today.

Accepting Rejection - John 15:18-16:4

March 5, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 15:18—16:4

The world still rejects Jesus and His followers, but we can accept this rejection because Jesus models how to endure it, the Holy Spirit strengthens us to follow and bear witness to Jesus, and God promises acceptance.

Friends of Jesus - John 15:12-17

February 26, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 15:12–17

Jesus gives two pictures of what it is to be His disciple in Chapter 15. Last week examined the picture of believers as branches who have the privilege of sharing His life and the responsibility of abiding. This week we will examine the picture of believers as friends. Friends of Jesus have the privilege of knowing the will of God and the carrying the responsibility of obeying it. After squabbling over their significance and position Jesus once again reminds His disciples that spiritual friendship with Him is more valuable than their own autonomy.

Abide in Christ - John 15:1-11

February 19, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 15:1–11

In chapter 15 Jesus taught His disciples the importance of abiding in Him. He dealt with their relationship to Himself, to one another, and to the world around them. This morning we will focus on His use of the vine and branches metaphor and explore what it would be like to live a life connected to Jesus.

The Ongoing Ministry of The Spirit - John 14:15-31

February 12, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 14:15–31

We all need help. Jesus' disciples knew they needed help to navigate the spiritual challenges that surrounded them and awaited them in the future. In the ongoing conversation in the upper room Jesus continues to provide them assurances of God's provision for them and shares of a Helper to come who will help them do great things.

The Way of Jesus - John 14:1-14

February 5, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 14:1–14

This morning we examine Jesus’ response to His concerned disciples at the news of His impending departure. Jesus comforts them with one of the most beautiful pictures of heaven with clear instructions on how to get there and how we can live in the way of Jesus.

A New Commandment - John 13:21-38

January 29, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 13:21–38

In John 13, Jesus continues to instruct His disciples as part of His private ministry, preparing them for their future benefit when He has gone to heaven. Knowing that they will need to believe that God is worthy of their future sacrifice, Jesus shows His example of glorifying God and loving people.

Our Serving Savior - John 13:1-20

January 22, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • John 13:1–20

Having humbled himself and sacrificed for us, Jesus loves as the Servant Savior. In preparing His disciples for His impending death, Jesus takes time to model and explain the centrality of service in the life of a Christian.

Reading Service - John 13-21

January 15, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III, Pastor Chris Casoni, Pastor Kenny Fisher • John 13—21

This week, we'll read chapters 13-21 of the Gospel of John together as a church before we exposit them verse-by-verse over the next few months.