Be Assured - The Letters of John

Living in Love - I John 4:7-21

May 28, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • 1 John 4:7–21

What is love? Many in society will say "affirm me, don't hurt me!" However, as we study this passage, we'll see the truth about love: its foundation, definition, and the type of love God demands from us.

Doctrinal Test - I John 4:1-6

May 21, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • 1 John 4:1–6

The spiritual life cannot be lived without biblical truth to guide us, but that truth is under attack! In our study today, we'll see that experiences are not to be our guides in pursuing God's truth; only the Word of God can guide us to His truth. When we guard and are guided by the truth, we will find the biblical community needed for spiritual victory in the battle for truth. Historic Five Fundamentals of the Faith  a. Inspiration and inerrancy of the scriptures  b. Virgin birth and deity of Christ  c. Substitutionary/vicarious atonement of Christ  d. Bodily resurrection of Christ  e. Literal second coming of Christ

Social Evidence of God's Love: Loving One Another as Commanded - I John 3:11-24

May 14, 2023 • Pastor Chris Casoni • 1 John 3:11–24

We have been given a clear commandment from God to love one another. This is something we are all familiar with, but what does it really mean to love in truth? Social evidence of God’s love can be seen all around us if we take the time to look. We must look beyond the words of love and focus on the actions that demonstrate true love, as commanded by God. Today we will explore how to love one another in a way that honors God and reflects his love for us.

The Moral Test - I John 2:28-3:10

May 7, 2023 • Pastor Kenny Fisher • 1 John 2:28—3:10

If we think we can be God's children and live our life (or parts of our life) the way we want, we are either totally deceived or completely foolish, but as we'll see today, a consistent and regular encounter with God and His truth can have no other effect on you except to change you!

The Means of Fellowship - I John 1:5-2:27

April 30, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III • 1 John 1:5—2:27

As we begin our exposition of I John, we see that the dilemma for humanity is that the character of God impacts our relationship with Him, not the other way around. This means that being exposed by the light of a holy God is scary in that it reveals our sin but is comforting because our advocate, Jesus Christ, is there to forgive and cleanse us from all our sin.

Introduction and Reading Service - 1 John, 2 John, 3 John

April 23, 2023 • Pastor John D Talley III, Pastor Chris Casoni, Pastor Kenny Fisher • 1 John, 2 John, 3 John

Today we begin a series in 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John by reading the letters together, and taking a look at the general background and theme.