Mind Craft

MindCraft Week 3

May 30, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you. If you have ever felt stuck in your circumstance, bound by your burdens, or tied to your trail, then this message is for you. Today, Dr. Foster will give you two tools from God's Word that will help you achieve the overcoming mindset and abundant life.

MindCraft Week 2

May 23, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life but didn't seem to have the ability. In part two of Mind Craft Dr. Foster talks to us about the keys to overcoming any area of your life. We will discover why we are wired to do the things we do, and learn through the help of the Holy Spirit, how to rewire our minds to rewrite our future.

Mindcraft Week 1

May 16, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

Every victory and every defeat, every moment of weakness and or moment of winning all originate at the same place, our mind. Today Dr. Foster kicks off our new series titled Mind Craft as we learn how to craft and build our mind according to the Word of God.