Dead Man Week 3

October 31, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

Have you ever wondered what happens the first minute after you die? What does the Bible say about hell and judgment? How can I know I am ready to face eternity? Today, Dr. Foster Answers these questions and more as we explore part three of Deadman.

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Dead Man Week 2

October 24, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

The Bible says that every believer in Christ will be resurrected from the dead. How do we know God will keep this promise? We know this by studying God's Word. Today, Dr. Foster will take us through every resurrection from the dead in the Bible and we will find some important holy hints, and consecrated clues to help us discover God's control of the things that are out of our control.

Dead Man Week 1

October 3, 2021 • Dr. Chris Foster

Did you know that the Genesis flood and the Red Sea closing is linked to water baptism? Today, Dr. Foster Kicks off a new series titled Dead Man. Throughout this series we will discover the freedom and blessing that comes with Water Baptism, we will explore how nothing is too dead that God can't resurrect, and understand what happens after we die. Don't miss one installment of this series.