Easter VBS

April 8, 2023
8:45am - 12:00pm
22 spots remaining

We are thrilled to present our half-day program where your children can immerse themselves in the events that lead up to Easter. This 5-hour event is designed for children in Kindergarten through age 10. Our aim is to help children understand the meaning behind Easter celebrations. The program will feature a range of costumed characters from the Biblical times, such as the Donkey that carried Christ to Jerusalem, the apostle Peter, a Roman guard, and the "REAL Easter Bunny". The program will be packed with engaging activities, including stories, games, interactive exercises, videos, and crafts that will transport the children to the bustling city of Jerusalem, where they can experience the sights and sounds of Holy Week, as it was long ago. As the program concludes at noon, parents are encouraged to join their children in the sanctuary to participate in Cason's traditional Easter Egg Hunt.