Resist Temptation


November 4, 2018 • Pastor Bill Shuler

“Temptations which are resisted and conquered cannot hurt or harm, nor are they any disgrace. Only temptation yielded to has the power to harm the soul.” -Clarence McCartney

Life's Greatest Lessons [ VII ]

#LifesGreatestLessons • June 23, 2019 • Pastor Bill Shuler

Ask, seek and knock are not a one time act—they are a lifestyle.

Life's Greatest Lessons [ VI ]

#LifesGreatestLessons • June 16, 2019 • Pastor Bill Shuler

Righteous judgement seeks to redeem. Self-righteous judgement seeks to condemn.

Six Things Every Child Needs

#justaphase • June 9, 2019 • Pastor Andy Rogers

We have the ability to have great impact into the lives of children by investing consistently, over time.