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Don't Cry - Praise Dance

April 4, 2021 • Kirk Franklin

Healer of Our Souls

December 27, 2020 • CCF Worship Band

Come with your head bowed Come without a sound Come with your life laid down Come one, come all Come with your arms out Come with praises loud Come with your heart and shout Come one, come all By His grace we are saved By His stripes we are healed Hallelujah, hallelujah Healer of our souls Come let your tears flow Come let your worries show Come because Jesus knows Come one, come all What can wash away our sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus What can make us whole again? Lia Kauffman | Robert Lowry © 2020 Lia Kauffman for use at Capital Christian Fellowship

Hosea 6 - by Lia Kauffman

August 30, 2020

Hosea 6 by Lia Kauffman All rights reserved: Music written and arranged by Lia Kauffman Copyright by Lia Kauffman for use of Capital Christian Fellowship

CCF Dance Praise Team - Thank You by Marvin Sapp

November 29, 2020

Song title: Thank You Artist: Marvin Sapp *We do not own the rights to this music*