A Series in 2 Timothy

The First of Many

Part 1 | No to Fear | Yes to Power, Love, and Self Control

The First of Many • June 14, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Paul is at the end of his earthly ministry and is in prison. He has Luke by his side to help write his final encouragements to the church. One such letter is sent to his beloved Timothy, whom he has raised up to know Christ. He charges Timothy, and us, to stand up boldly for Christ. Soo not be governed by fear but instead be filled by the power, love, and self-control of the spirit of God. Join us this Sunday as we begin our series on 2 Timothy.

Part 2 | Our Holy Calling

The First of Many • June 21, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Jesus has defeated the grave in order to give you life. So, do not be ashamed but instead walk boldly in Christ. The covenant of grace provides us with the purpose and grace to share the gospel message with the lost and broken world. Therefore, we can be agents of reconciliation bringing hope to the world by sharing the gospel of Christ with one another as we grow in Him. Join us this Sunday as we focus on 2 Timothy 1:8-11 and continue in our series 2 Timothy, The First of Many.

Part 3 | I Am Not Ashamed

The First of Many • June 28, 2020 • Pastor Marty

Paul writes about "being ashamed" several times in his letter to Timothy. The sense of being ashamed is a powerful emotion that affects our actions and reactions. Why does Paul bring this subject up for Timothy and indirectly to us? The temptation to back away from identifying with Jesus Christ and the message of Good News has been a concern since the beginning of the Church. Listen Sunday as Marty attempts to show how Paul encourages Timothy and us to be Confidently Faithful (the opposite of Ashamed).

Part 4 | Godly Workout

The First of Many • July 5, 2020 • Zakk Uhler

Join us this Sunday as Zakk leads us through the first section of 2 Timothy chapter 2. In this passage, we are called to get "strong in the grace of Jesus." We are given great examples of what that means and how it happens. We can use the wisdom Paul gives to his protege, Timothy, to strengthen our soul in the difficult times of life and also share with others who are experiencing difficulty.

Part 5 | Deny Yourself

The First of Many • July 12, 2020 • Pastor Travis

The Hope of the Resurrection We are in need of hope in today’s crazy world. The gospel offers us hope through the resurrection of Jesus. Join us this Sunday as we work through 2 Timothy 2:8-13 and discover the hope offered by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Part 6 | Three Metaphors, Two Kinds of Teachers

The First of Many • July 19, 2020 • Pastor Marty

Jesus was very aware of wolves in sheep's clothing entering His flock. In our passage this Sunday, we will see that Paul too is very concerned about some people in the churches he had planted who are causing division, encouraging quarrels, and teaching lies. Their impact spreads like a poison. It's not a benign concern, it's dangerous to the faith of some. What do you do about false teachers, misguided opinion leaders or ungodly influencers that are in the Church, but are not authentically, representing God and His Word?

Part 7 | Avoid Division

The First of Many • July 26, 2020 • Pastor Travis

It is easy to divide a congregation over petty issues. This week we will cover 2 Timothy 2:22-26 looking at how to avoid senseless arguments and bickering. Paul then guides us on how to manage conflict in a Christ-centered way. Please join us at 10 am online.

Part 8 | The Temptations of This World

The First of Many • August 2, 2020 • Pastor Travis

It can be difficult to discern between our wants and God's desires. Paul, warns Timothy, that temptations of the world can quickly shear our hearts towards ourselves and away from God. Paul teaches Timothy, and us, how to discern between the temptations of this world and the will of God. Please join us as we continue to work through the book of 2 Timothy.

Part 9 | The Fellowship of The Church

The First of Many • August 9, 2020 • Pastor Travis Marsh

The Fellowship of The Church Today, more than ever, we need to be intentionally fellowshipping with one another in the church. We need to have relationships with fellow believers that draw up deeper into relationship with Christ. Paul, gives Timothy, instructions for how to lead the church to develop these types of relationships with one another. Please join us this Sunday as we continue in our series “The First of Many” as we look at 2 Timothy 3:10-17. Join us online at 10am.

Part 10 | The Instruction of a Godly Man

The First of Many • August 16, 2020 • Pastor Marty

Our passage today is one of strongest claims in the Bible regarding the nature of written Scripture. These verses from 2 Timothy 3:16-17 appear in every Theology textbook because they unequivocally claim that the source of the Bible is God Himself. This Sunday we will look hard at these two verses and allow Paul to challenge our convictions about the authority of the Bible. What authority does Scripture have over your thinking, views and behaviors?

Part 11 | The Word of God

The First of Many • August 23, 2020 • Pastor Marty

THE FIRST OF MANY | PART 11 Our passage this Sunday is often used in Pastoral ordination and installation services. In 2 Timothy 4:1-4 we can see Paul passing the leadership baton to his protege and charging him with the responsibility of leading a church. It won’t be easy for Timothy because there are some problems in Ephesus he will need to address. Paul has no doubt, Timothy is the one to take on the position and work of Pastor at the Ephesus church plant.

Part 12 | Ministry is for You!

The First of Many • August 30, 2020 • Zakk Uhler

Our Family Ministry Director, Zakk Uhler, is continuing our series “The First of Many” this Sunday. We will be studying 2 Timothy 4:5-8 and learning about how we are called to do the work of ministry, pouring out all we are for the cause of Christ in the world. Join us as we journey through this passage together.

Part 13 | The Lord is my Comfort

The First of Many • September 6, 2020 • Pastor Travis Marsh

Jesus makes himself known through the work he does in you and me. We are jars of clay formed and shaped by Jesus to do the work upon which he calls us. As Paul finishes his final letter he reminds Timothy of this simple truth. We are called to make much of Jesus and his gospel message. Join us as we finish our series looking at 2 Timothy 4:9-22.