Gospel In Life

Grace Changes Everything

Part 1 // How to live out the Gospel

September 15, 2019 • Pastor Travis

Our mission is to empower people to pursue their call in Christ. This means that every single person in the world is called by Jesus. Some will choose to hear and follow while others will ignore that call. Who are you?

Part 2 // Three Ways to Live

September 22, 2019 • Pastor Travis

We are in week two of our series, Gospel in Life. This week we will be learning from Luke 18:9-14. In the parable of the Tax Collector, we are exposed to the true gospel. We are not required to prove ourselves before God but instead to be humble before him.

Part 3 // The Sin Beneath the Sin

September 29, 2019 • Pastor Travis

We are currently in a sermon series called Gospel in Life with the intent to help us integrate our walk with God in all aspects of our lives. The topic we will be focusing on this week is the impact of sin on the heart. We might easily recognize our outward sin but the inward effects of those sins lay hidden. Romans 1:18-25 encourages us to look at that hidden sin and allow true gospel transformation to continue.

Part 4 // Community: The Context for Change

October 6, 2019 • Pastor Marty

If you are a Christian you are connected to a community of other believers; it's not a choice you get to make. It's the place where God exerts His powerful influence on your growth and Gospel maturity. It's the place where your understandings, values, beliefs, perspectives, and practices get challenged and where we all grow into living the Gospel life. The small Biblical book of Philemon is a classic case study of how this works.

Part 5 // The Heart of the Church

October 13, 2019 • Pastor Marty

In Acts 2 we have a record of what happened from Pentecost onward and we see people who are experiencing unity, peace, joy, wonder, awe and the blessing of God. At that special moment, the church expanded from 120 to 3000 in one day and each day more came to believe that Jesus was Lord, Savior, and Messiah. Learn what these earliest Christians devoted themselves to and consider how we, in 2019, can do the same.

Part 6 // Managing The Treasure of Heaven

October 20, 2019 • Pastor Travis

Jesus taught his disciples to seek the Treasure of Heaven. More than this however he calls us not to let the treasure of this world become a God in our life. How do we manage both from a Christ-like perspective?

Part 7 // Justice: A People for Others

October 27, 2019 • Pastor Travis

We are called to be an example of Christ to the world. Jesus not only wants us to care for one another as brothers and sisters but he wants us to extend the love of the gospel to all around us. Join us this Sunday as we continue in our series specifically covering Luke 10:25-37.

Part 8 // Eternity: The World to Come

November 3, 2019 • Zakk Uhler

This is our last Sunday in our fruitful "Gospel in Life" series. We will be studying Isaiah 60 and looking into the world that is to come upon Christ’s return. Isaiah 60 gives us a future vision of renewed culture, restored shalom, and remarkable spiritual intimacy with our Creator and King. This text and topic will not only bolster our faith, but it will also give us an exhilaratingly hopeful, and eternal perspective.