Part 2 | I am the Vine

Jesus Who? I Am

April 5, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Palm Sunday is here and we are celebrating our King. Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem launched the passion week that would see Jesus crucified and resurrected. During that week in the upper room teaching Jesus revealed that he is The Vine. Jesus was the new Israel that would bring life to all those who were connected to him. He invited everyone into a dynamic relationship with Almighty God! You can have this vibrant, dynamic, and life-giving relationship with God as well. Join us online Sunday at 10AM!

Part 1 | I am the Bread of Life

Jesus Who? I Am • March 29, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Jesus has a vision for your life that is beyond what you might imagine. We are so consumed by carnal desires and fail to see that we are designed for so much more. We are created to glorify God and enjoy the life that He has given us. As Christians, we are called to resist the fears and worry of this world as we rest in the hope and joy found in Christ. Join us this Sunday, online at 10 AM, as we explore the “I am the bread of life” statement in John 6.

Part 3 | Good Friday

Jesus Who? I Am • April 10, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Christ paid it all. He came to conquer sin. He died in our place, so we can have a relationship with our Father. Please join your church family as we prepare our hearts for the coming of our Christ Savior this Easter.

Part 4 | I am the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus Who? I Am • April 12, 2020 • Pastor Travis

He is Risen! Jesus would not be held down by the grave. He has defeated the grave and bought for each one of us the opportunity to have life eternal. It is a mysterious and glorious truth that can be difficult to comprehend. Join us this Sunday as we celebrate our resurrected King.