Part 5 | Thriving by bearing Fruit

Thriving Christians

May 17, 2020 • Pastor Marty

One Biblical characterization of our accomplishments is to label its fruit. The metaphor indicates that we are all living and growing and bearing some kind of fruit in our lives. The big question in Jesus' mind is what kind of fruit or treasure are we producing and storing up as we strive to achieve. This Sunday we will look at Jesus paint a story of a high achiever who fell into the soul traps that often come with great success.

Part 1 | Thriving to Please God

Thriving Christians • April 19, 2020 • Pastor Marty

Should Christians be concerned about whether or not they are Thriving? If we were to define Thriving as flourishing, growing, maturing, blooming, or advancing; and the opposite of Thriving being declining, waning, stagnating, or atrophying; we would probably all agree that flourishing and Thriving is something God calls us toward. In today’s Scripture lesson we are called to become “pleasing” to our God in all these segments of our lives.

Part 2 | Thriving by becoming Wise

Thriving Christians • April 26, 2020 • Pastor Marty

There is a segment of each of our lives that is inward and immaterial. Some call it ego, some call it the soul, some characterize it as the private place we do our ‘self-talk’. This inner part of us is sometimes disguised by us, often times it is concealed and unexpressed, while many people are very revealing about what they are thinking, believing or feeling. The Bible calls this part of us the “Heart” and God repeatedly calls us to become wise in this fundamental area because it influences all our behaviors.

Part 3 | Thriving by knowing the desires of our hearts

Thriving Christians • May 3, 2020 • Zakk Uhler

The heart is the center part of our inner being. In Psalm 139, David pleads for God to search his heart and lead him in the way everlasting. To have a “Thriving” relationship with God, we need to understand our hearts, surrender our hearts, and learn how to guard our hearts against threats and temptation. Join us on Sunday as we look to God’s Word to teach us how to do just that.