Jesus Is

Jesus Is... Making All Things New

April 21, 2019 • Travis Clark

The resurrection is about a whole new world quietly exploding right here in this one.

Jesus Is... Passion

April 19, 2019 • Travis Clark

Jesus is passion. Which means that passion isn't seen in the life you build for yourself, but the life you give away to others. Pastor Travis teaches a special Good Friday teaching and asks us the question: What is passion inviting you to surrender?

Jesus Is... The Missing Peace

April 14, 2019 • Travis Clark

Hosanna was a cry of desperation before it was a cry of celebration. Have you ever prayed a Hosanna prayer and then life not look the way you thought it would?

Jesus Is... A Stone Dropper

April 7, 2019 • Josh White

Your highest calling isn't defined by your lowest moment.

Jesus Is... Fierce

March 31, 2019 • Ruthie Kim

Jesus isn't fragile. Jesus is fierce.

Jesus Is... With You In Your Pain

March 24, 2019 • Travis Clark

Jesus can raise the dead, but you must roll away the stone.

Jesus Is... The Ultimate Big Gulp

March 17, 2019 • Travis Clark

Jesus is the WELL that leads to overflowing life.