Break The Rules

Jesus denied the cultural rules to follow the Father's will.

We Are The Church

Living to accomplish the mission God gave us.


Life is full when our hearts are spiritually set on God.

God Is...

cultural fallacies versus real facts

Acts 29

What's Next


Experiencing victory regardless of our circumstances.


There are many stories in the Bible that encourage us.


Partnered with my church to reach out community


What is beneath the surface matters.

Loving Like Jesus

Living intentionally to love people like Jesus.

FOR Saint Cloud

We are a church in the community FOR the community.

Back In The Black

Are you willing to allow God's wisdom into your wallet? If so you will learn how to live financially in the black rather than the red as you make sound godly decision about your financial living.



Finding peace in Christ.

Basic Discipleship

8 key activities every disciple does and teaches others to do.


Life is better connected.


Miracles are most often unexplainable but they are also undeniable. They are a demonstration of God's presence and power. The Christian faith is built upon the greatest miracle of all time...the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Doubt It !

People have real doubts and it is our goal to offer real answers helping people move from being critical to confident in their faith.

Celebrate Easter

Celebrate Life, Deliverance, Hope, and Salvation because Jesus has made it possible.

Eats With Sinners

Our Church

Our Church is a Community where God Changes people.