The Great Acorn Adventure Rally

A fun and active fundraiser to support Camp Roger and Camp Scottie initiatives.

October 28, 2023
8:15am - 1:00pm

Your team (minimum of two people) will walk to and complete five adventure activities staged around Camp Roger earning one acorn per adventure activity completed. At the end of the adventure time, teams turn in up to five acorns in exchange for random draw playing cards. The team with the best five card hand at the end of the event day is named the winner. If you can walk through the woods – YOU CAN DO THIS! There’s no incentive for being fast, fit, or athletic. Worried you won’t have a great hand of cards or might not have time to complete all five activities to earn your five acorns needed for a full hand? Fundraise ahead of the event! Each $250 raised before noon on October 27 will earn that team an additional blind card draw at the game’s end. The more you raise, the more you can increase the chances of having a winning hand. Team Registration: • 2 - 4 adult team members or 1-2 adults with multiple children • Ages 16 or over = $25 per person registration • Ages 7 – 15 = $10 per person registration • Ages 6 or under = free • Maximum team registration fee per team = $50 • Activities can accommodate up to 6 team members, but the overall experience of the rally will be best with teams of two - four people. * Each team member must register individually. Event Schedule 8:15 am Teams check in 9:00 am Welcome and general rules 9:15 am Rally begins 11:15 am Rally activities close, all teams head to the Lodge for card selection 12:00 pm Program, Lunch, and Rally winners announced. For more details, go to CampRoger.org/AdventureRally