Kids Praise | Beaumont Campus

September 18, 2022
4:00 - 5:00pm

Calvary Kids Praise is a ministry designed to begin children on a life long journey of worshiping Jesus! There are so many ways to praise the Lord, and we welcome children as young as 3 years old to begin learning how to use the gifts which He has given them to know Him better, love Him more, and serve Him. Each Sunday afternoon is packed with exciting ways to worship through singing, learning fundamentals of music reading, drama, movement, and games for every child! We pray that in Kids Praise, children will develop a heart for God as well as the tools involved to worship Him through music for all of their lives and for eternity! Preschool Kids Praise (3 years by September 1, 2022) through Kindergarten) These children will have varied opportunities during their time in Kids Praise to learn more about loving God and about musical concepts. The preschoolers will also be singing in a Worship Service in May! Grades 1 - 6 Kids Praise: Children participating in Kids Praise Grades 1-6 will have many opportunities for ministry in Calvary worship services and in other locations. They will also present a musical with drama, choreography, costumes and songs in May!