The Book of Daniel

Daniel 12:5-13

Audio • February 7, 2021 • Dr. Ken Lang

God calls us to engage our world with the gospel. Its been said, "Without God, we can't; without us, he won't. It's a partnership. Paul said, "For we are God's fellow workers." (1 Cor. 3:9). Yet, it's more than just words - God calls us to use our works in addition to our words to speak to others of his love. James warns us that faith without works is dead. How are you revealing Christ through your actions? Pastor Ken

Daniel 12:1-4

Audio • January 31, 2021 • Dr. Ken Lang

No trouble seems pleasant at the time. Yet in God's economy, it is this pain which brings forth new faith. How often we hear, "I thank God for that hard time; it was the best thing that ever happened to me." Even when we may not find the grace to thank God for our tribulation, we can thank Him for the good that comes from our fire. Charles Spurgeon said, "Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of." Pastor Ken

Daniel 11:36-45

Audio • January 17, 2021 • Dr. Ken Lang

There is always a lot of interest in the identity of the Antichrist. Was it Caesar Nero or possibly Napoleon? Obviously, Adolf Hitler was an antichrist, but he wasn't "the" Antichrist. John said, "You have heard that the antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour." (1 John 2:18) The Antichrist is coming, but I encourage you to look for Jesus Christ and let the appearance of the Antichrist take care of itself. Pastor Ken

Daniel 11:1-35

Audio • January 10, 2021 • Dr. Ken Lang

Have you ever tried to fix something yourself? Give it that DIY try! If you watch any of those home improvement shows, they make remodeling a house or fixing a broken window seem easy (but not for me). The best shows are the ones where people tried to fix something themselves and made it worse. That’s what all of us can try to do with God sometimes. We think we need to fix a problem or bring about a promise in our own strength, but we end up making it worse. God is going to see us through in Christ - our future is assured in him. Pastor Ken

Daniel 10:1-14

Audio • December 13, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Daniel 9:1-19

Audio • November 22, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Thanksgiving 2020

Audio • November 29, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Command from God: Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! 1 Chronicles Response of his people: I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1 Let's give thanks to God for everything today and every day! Pastor Ken

Daniel 8

Audio • November 15, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Enjoy Dr. Lang's teaching as we continue in the book of Daniel.

Daniel 7:1-28

Audio • November 8, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

The book of Daniel is inspiring and prophetic. Join Dr. Lang as he helps to reveal the truths within.

Daniel 6: 1-28

Audio • November 1, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

We return to the book of Daniel and Pastor Ken!

Daniel 4:1-37

Audio • September 27, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Dr. Lang continues in the book of Daniel.

Calvary Syracuse Outdoors!

Audio • September 20, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Join us for our outdoor service at Clay Central Park!

Daniel 2: 24-49

Audio • September 13, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Originally planned as an outdoor service rain forced us indoors.

Book of Daniel

Audio 9-6-20 • September 6, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Daniel 2:1-23

Audio • August 30, 2020 • Dr. Ken Lang

Dr. Lang continues our series in the book of Daniel.