Behringer X32 Sunday Setup

Tutorials • June 8, 2018 • Joe Silino

This video will walk you through the setup for our Sunday morning services. From power on to loading a scene, gain and channel levels, FXs, recording, mutes, aux fed sub and more.

ProPresenter Tutorial

Video 1 • May 14, 2018 • Joe Silino

Video 1 covers the basics and how we build a presentation for our weekly services.

ProPresenter Tutorial

Video 2 • May 28, 2018 • Joe Silino

In this video we look at the search function and how to find previous song sets. We also look at how to create a new song set.

ProPresenter Tutorial

Video 3 • June 1, 2018

In this video we look at the playlists, song sets and how to import a song from Song Select.

Propresenter Tutorial

Video 4 • June 7, 2018 • Joe Silino

This video continues with the imported Song Select song, it's editing and building the elements of the playlist for the presentation.

Wireless Mic How To

Sure SM58 - SLX2 • Joe Silino

Short video on operating two wireless mic channels with one reciever.

Video Tech Guide

Joe Silino

Short video for our video techs.

Berhinger X32 Training

Sound board training • Kyle Stone

Short video of a training session at Calvary.

Planning Center

Intro on uploading • Joe Silino

How to upload a slide show or other items.