Isaiah 33:1-24

Wednesday Evening Service

June 5, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

The principle of sowing and reaping applies in spades here. The choices you make in your life to oppose God will always have consequences—sometimes (like right here) with fatal consequences. We long for fairness in this world; this is it! Historically, we know the terrible fate of every nation that has dared oppose Israel. From Assyria here, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and, in more modern times, Poland, Germany, and Russia— all have been judged by God. Make no mistake—judgment against some of these nations is not finished and other nations (including ours) will also face severe consequences...

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Isaiah 60

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 20, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

Imagination. When things look the darkest, when there seems to be no hope at all, God makes these wonderful promises of a future for His people.

Isaiah 59

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 13, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

Talk about unbelief. The thens of God from last week. We simply don't have faith to believe that the thens of God are for us! We see other people walking in the promises but somehow never make it ourselves.

Isaiah 58

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 6, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

"Our study...is about true fasting, effective praying. It is also about man's unwillingness to meet God on His terms. For every one of you who has asked God why your prayers aren't being answered, please accept His challenge because He wants you to know. And He wants you to know because He really wants to answer your prayers."