1 Peter 1:3-12

Friday Evening Service

January 17, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"I pray you can honestly praise God with a grateful heart for the new life He has given you! That new life isn’t just about heaven; it is also about life here on earth! After all, our new hope, according to Peter, is a living hope. Not a dying one. Is your life new? If not, why not?"

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1 Peter 2:13-25

Friday Evening Service • February 14, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"What good is Christian faith if we can only praise God when things are going well? If we cannot praise God when difficult times, unfair times, come, is our faith real? Every living person suffers. Non-Christians have to suffer alone. We, who are believers, suffer with the One who has suffered more than the rest of us combined."

1 Peter 2:5-12

Friday Evening Service • February 7, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"Peter talks to us like a dad in this section of Scripture. His words are born from love. I need not remind you that a dad who really loves you says what we need to hear--even if it is difficult."

1 Peter 2:1-5

Friday Evening Service • January 31, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"We have all heard Christians praying something like this: ‘Lord, take my anger away from me.’ Or, ‘Lord, make me consistent (as opposed to hypocritical).’ Or even, ‘Lord take this sin (examples: lust, drinking, drugs, etc.) away from me…’ Peter, ever the practical one, is telling us that taking all that stuff away from us is not God’s job! Why? Because He already did that at the cross! He put the desire in your heart to do the right thing."