Luke 17:1-10

Sunday Morning Second Service

August 18, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"He (Jesus) tells His followers (you and me today) that we are to watch/protect ourselves! From what? From falling into the same trap the Pharisees have fallen into. From judging people or imposing our own legalistic standards on others. From... holding on to unforgiveness and from forgetting what the Pharisees had forgotten—that they were servants of God! Every one of us in this room this morning needs never to forget that we are servants and, as such, our job is simply to do what we are told."

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Luke 24:36-53

Sunday Morning Second Service • March 8, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"There is a significant picture here. As I’ve already indicated, the disciples were all filled with fear. It’s in those times when you are most afraid that Jesus will come and stand right in the middle of the things you are afraid of and make you this offer of peace! He is with you! He is never closer than when you are truly afraid and about to be overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter if you feel His presence. It doesn’t matter to Him that you are afraid when you should have believed. He is there because He loves you! No other reason."

Luke 24:13-35

Sunday Morning Service - 3rd Service • March 1, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

This walk of about seven miles does not begin a happy-walk. These were two men who were discouraged, hopeless, despairing even though they had no reason to be...

Luke 24:1-12

Sunday Morning Third Service • February 23, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

We need to understand in our core how central His resurrection is to what we believe. It is the one thing that actually proves our faith is different and true than all other religious systems.