2 Timothy 4:6-22

Sunday Morning Second Service

October 4, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

None of us will have great apostolic ministries like Paul did. But we can all have the same reward…

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2 Timothy 4:1-6

Sunday Morning Third Service • September 27, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

This is the 7th time in this short book that emphasis is on the Word of God! This is what ministry is about. This is what counseling is about. This is what one-on-one evangelism is about. Preaching (heralding, declaring) the Word! There is no substitute for the Bible! Only the Bible changes lives forever…

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Sunday Morning Second Service • September 20, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

There is only one way to stand in this wicked world, one way to stand against the forces of evil—the Word of God! You have to be convinced of and obedient to the Word of God or you will not stand! Continue in the Word we know to be true no matter what anyone else says or does…

2 Timothy 3:5-13

Sunday Morning First Service • September 13, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

We live in a time where sin is exalted and even rationalized. Many people who are involved in immoral relationships claim to be Christians. All seem to believe God is OK with what they do. After all, most will say, God understands them.