Ephesians 2:1-7

Sunday Morning 3rd Service

April 13, 2014 • Ron Arbaugh - Spanish Translation

Genesis 4:1-8

Wednesday Evening OT Bible Study • April 1, 2020 • Ron Arbaugh

"Religion has always been man's attempt to reach up to God, to be acceptable to him! Relationship with God through faith in Christ is the way God reached down to man! Why aren't man's works acceptable to God? Why can't man come to God on his own terms? Because the Bible says (Rom 3:23) 'all have sinned (continually) and fall short of the glory of God'."

Efisios 2:14-18

Estudio Bíblico Español del Domingo • March 29, 2020 • Ed Rodriguez

1 Timothy 1:12-20 Spanish Translation

Sunday Morning Audio 3/29/20 • March 29, 2020 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh - Spanish Translation