Olivia Tillery (June 27, 2011)

Olivia Tillery

Hebrews 13:5-15

Friday Evening Service • December 6, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"We have to deal with the question, ‘Would you serve God if He took everything away?’ Job did; God giveth, God taketh away. Paula did. Would you serve God if you knew that you were to live without the comforts of life? Think before you answer."

Daniel 3:8-18

Friday Night High School Bible Study • December 6, 2019 • Nelly Van Sickle

Isaiah 62:1-12

Wednesday Evening OT Study • December 4, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

This chapter is the fulfillment of God’s wonderful promises to a hopeless Israel as spoken by Jeremiah.