Isaiah 31:1 - 32:20

Wednesday Evening Service

May 29, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

Remember that Isaiah is seeing this vision. He sees the victory and all he is asking the people to do is believe! He’s not asking them to train to fight harder. He is not asking that they have courage and go up against a vastly superior enemy. He is simply asking what I ask all the time, to really believe God’s promises here.

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Isaiah 60

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 20, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

Imagination. When things look the darkest, when there seems to be no hope at all, God makes these wonderful promises of a future for His people.

Isaiah 59

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 13, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

Talk about unbelief. The thens of God from last week. We simply don't have faith to believe that the thens of God are for us! We see other people walking in the promises but somehow never make it ourselves.

Isaiah 58

Wednesday Evening OT Study • November 6, 2019 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

"Our study...is about true fasting, effective praying. It is also about man's unwillingness to meet God on His terms. For every one of you who has asked God why your prayers aren't being answered, please accept His challenge because He wants you to know. And He wants you to know because He really wants to answer your prayers."