Joy of Jesus 2017 Video

October 28, 2017 • Calvary Chapel of San Antonio

Luke 8:40-56 Spanish Translation

Sunday Morning Third Service Audio • December 9, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh - Spanish Translation

Luke 8:40-56

Sunday Morning First Service • December 9, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"This is something I feel very strongly God wants us all to hear this morning. Hope— we need hope! Not hope in circumstances, our spouses, our marriages getting better or our bodies being healed. Our hope needs to be in Jesus! Alone. We need to take Him at His word and expect God to move on our behalf. Far too many of us have given up hope; we’ve stopped believing—really believing—that Jesus would restore us."

Song of Songs

December 5, 2018 • Pastor Ron Arbaugh

A message for mature audiences. In this special message, Pastor Ron explains how much Jesus is crazy for His bride the Church.