Eye Test


February 5, 2017 • Pastor Tim Bowman

When God does something, He does it lavishly because He’s generous, even to the point of personal pain. God has a giving heart and He desires that we have that same kind of heart.


January 29, 2017 • Jordan Johnson


January 22, 2017 • Pastor Tim Bowman

Decision making is a vital aspect in being able to live the life God has planned for us. So, how do we make good decisions? In this message from our Eye Test Series where we’re learning to focus on the right things, we’ll learn four important ways to make right decisions.


January 15, 2017 • Pastor Tim Bowman

In this message we’ll learn that honesty should be the foundation of our relationships because it’s the basis of trust.


January 8, 2017 • Pastor Tim Bowman

In this message we will talk about vision and the importance of focusing on the right things in life so we can be prepared for God’s purpose in our lives to unfold.


January 1, 2017 • Pastor Tim Bowman

In this new series, “Eye Test”, we begin with the understanding that there are big letters at the top of an eye chart. These letters will represent the important things that we need to focus on at first. Once we’re in focus, we can begin to see what God has for us in some of the smaller things. The first message deals with the importance of perseverance in our lives as we learn about the story of Joseph in the Bible.