Fruit of the Spirit

Meekness & Temperance

November 13, 2016 • Pastor Tim Bowman


November 6, 2016 • Pastor Tim Bowman


October 30, 2016 • Jordan Johnson

Longsuffering & Kindness

October 16, 2016 • Pastor Tim Bowman

God is longsuffering toward us so we can repent, have salvation and be with Him. For this reason, we need the fruit of longsuffering and kindness so we can be more like Jesus to others, maintain unity with others, not quarrel with others, where the right spiritual garment for others, treat one another correctly and be kind to others in the face of evil.

Joy & Peace

October 9, 2016 • Pastor Rod Querry

Joy is often misunderstood and confused with happiness. Peace in an inward quality that is alive in us even in difficult circumstances. Overall, the Fruit of the Spirit are built on top of LOVE. Love must be the first layer, the foundation.


October 2, 2016 • Pastor Tim Bowman