Vision for 2017 and Beyond

Learning how to Love God and Love our Neighbors better.

Matthew 22:36-39 - "Love God + Neighbors"

Neighborhood Group Sunday • September 10, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

In Matt. 22:36-39, Jesus distilled all the commandments to their essence: love God supremely and love your neighbor as you love yourself. These are the Great Commandments. Although I did seek to love my family, friends, co-workers, and those I pastored, I neglected loving my neighbors where I lived. When I realized that I didn’t love my neighbors where I lived, let alone love them like myself, it was sobering. For it meant that not only was I rebelling against God, but if these were the greatest commandments, my neglect was the greatest sin. In the midst of a thriving but very busy ministry and life I had neglected to love my neighbors. To be a follower or disciple of Jesus you must obey His commands. Thus, we need to learn to live these values of loving God and loving our neighbors. When I chose to love neighbors who actually lived near me in obedience to Jesus, it began what has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling season of my Christian life. Today, I want to share with you how we can become better followers of Jesus.

Calvary Nexus 2017 Vision

Vision for 2017 and Beyond • January 1, 2017

Matthew 22:37-39 - “Love God + Neighbors”

Neighborhood Groups Sunday with Guest Pastor Lynn Cory • March 12, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

What would your life look like if you simply rediscovered the Great Commandments and did them? We are called to love God supremely and love our neighbors as we love self. If we do it our lives and community will be radically transformed.

2017 Vision pt. 4 - Love Your Neighbor Outside of Your Group [Luke 10:25-37]

Neighborhood Groups • January 22, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan to help God’s people understand whom our neighbor is and how we are to love them. Let’s discover together how we can love God and neighbors outside of our group better.

2017 Vision pt. 3 - Love Your Neighbor Within Your Group

Neighborhood Groups • January 15, 2017 • Pastor Robb Oram

Acts 2:42-47 is descriptive and arguably prescriptive of how the Church is to love God and neighbors better. The early church created the rhythms (practices) of life that are needed to grow as followers of Jesus. It reveals how we can learn to love God and neighbors in our groups better. These are simple practices that produce profound transformation. Do you want to learn to love God and neighbors better?

2017 Vision pt. 2 - Love God [Deut. 6:4]

Neighborhood Groups • January 8, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

When Jesus was asked to identify the Greatest Commandment, He quoted Deut. 6:4. What’s so important about this passage? How does it help us to love God better? Join us as we discover how to love God better.

2017 Vision pt. 1 - Love God and Your Neighbor

Neighborhood Groups • January 1, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

Join us as we share our ten-year vision to saturate our community with Christ-centered Neighborhood Groups [NG] where we learn to love God and neighbors better.