Matthew - Jesus Is Our King

Matthew 28:16-20

“The King’s Commission” • October 8, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

The King’s commission, or Great Commission, provides the essence of the mission for all of Jesus’ disciples. Throughout Matthew’s gospel we’ve discovered Jesus’ invitation to become citizens of His kingdom. The values and benefits of the kingdom of heaven, or kingdom of God, have been contrasted with the values and benefits of this world. God’s kingdom is available to those who choose to make Jesus their king. Today, we’ll discover three traits of Jesus’ disciples, or those who’ve made Christ king.

Matthew 27:57-28:15

"The King Buried and Resurrected" • October 1, 2017 • Pastor Justin Bell

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the sign that He said would confirm that He is the Messiah. As we consider the resurrection, we can respond in different ways. God desires that we respond with devotion and faith so that we can experience joy.

Matthew 27:32-56

“The King Crucified” • September 24, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

Imagine the disciples in the midst of Jesus’ arrest, trials, and crucifixion. All of Jesus’ promises, all the prophecies, and all the anticipation related to the Coming Messiah was likely forgotten or obscured. They were frightened, confused, grieved, and hopeless. Similarly, we face difficult circumstances that seem hopeless. As we contemplate Christ crucified we'll discover five reasons to have hope in Jesus.

Matthew 27:1-31

“The King on Trial” [part 2] • September 17, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

Regrets in life are inevitable. Yet, there is a way to reduce the number and scope of our regrets in this life, and more importantly the life to come. Today, we discover how…

Matthew 26:57-75

“The King on Trial, pt. 1” • September 3, 2017 • Pastor Robb Oram

Our culture is becoming more and more hostile to Jesus, Christianity and Christians. Being a follower of Christ in the U.S. is rapidly becoming a dangerous commitment. A time may soon be coming when it will cost us dearly to publicly acknowledge Jesus; when we’ll face great pressure to deny Him. Have you ever asked yourself, “Will I still be able to openly proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ if I know doing so will cause me, or my loved ones, suffering, loss, imprisonment, or death?” Even now, do you openly proclaim your faith in Jesus under the current pressures in our culture? The apostle Peter found himself in circumstances like these, and failed. What can we learn from his experience?

Matthew 26:31-56

“The King’s Sorrow” • August 27, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

There is a struggle to remain submitted to God as pressure increases. Imagine a volleyball on top of the surface of a pool. It is easy to control the ball on the surface. The further the ball goes under water, the greater the pressure, and the ball wants to pop out. The Greek term hupomone (hupo under + meneo remain) relates to steadfast, constant, endurance. In the NT it is the characteristic of a man who is not swerved from his deliberate purpose and his loyalty to faith and righteousness by even the greatest trials and sufferings. It is the example of Jesus.

Matthew 26:17-30

"The King's Supper" • August 20, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

The apex of the Last (Passover) Supper is the Lord’s Supper or communion. Communion is not only a ceremony or ritual, but is a symbol of an intimate union with Jesus. Today, we will discover how to experience communion with Christ.

Matthew 26:6-13

"The King Anointed" • August 13, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

It was days before the cross, and the feast of Passover. Passover commemorates God’s deliverance from bondage in Egypt. It is critical to know that the Jews were not simply being set free from slavery, but were being set free to worship God [Ex. 5:1]. It is not only, “Let my people go” but “Let my people go that they may worship me.” We to can be set free from slavery to sin, and set-free to worship God. What is worship? Worship is more than songs of praise, although they can be a great expression of worship. Worship involves passionate devotion, reverence and adoration. What does true worship look like? How do you become a worshiper? Today we’ll find out…

Matthew 26:1-5; 14-16

"The Plot to Kill the King" • August 6, 2017 • Pastor Justin Bell

The Bible teaches that God is sovereign. This means that He is in complete control of human history because He writes it. When we face this reality, we can respond in different ways and our motives are often revealed. We may respond with resisting His authority, seeking personal gain or submission to His authority which will bring great joy and abundant life.

Matthew 25:31-46

"The King Judges the Nations" • July 30, 2017 • Pastor Vince Nardi

In order to be judged righteous in God’s eyes and be given eternal life, you must receive the righteousness of Christ. When you are righteous in Christ, it is revealed in your outward actions and your love of others as you seek to walk in the righteousness Jesus has given to you.

Matthew 25:14-30

“The King’s Workers” - Church at the Park • July 23, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

What does it mean to serve God? We serve and glorify God by sacrificially serving others. We are called to serve our spouse, children and parents, our fellow-workers or students, our neighbors, and in a local church or ministry. God has entrusted you with resources (time, talents, and treasure) not only for your pleasure but to advance His kingdom by serving others. Through the years that I’ve been a follower of Jesus, I’ve discovered many reasons why we should serve the Lord. Today I want to share a few with you…

Matthew 25:1-13

“The King’s Return Anticipated” • July 16, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

Knowing that you have eternal life, and why you have it, can give you peace, joy, love and hope that is different than the atheist who doesn’t believe in God, heaven, or hell. And is different than the misguided experience of the person who assumes everyone goes to heaven, but has no meaningful reason why. But can you know that you have eternal life. Today, we will discover how to be sure of your salvation…

Matthew 24:45-51

“Kingdom Workers” • July 9, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

I would never trade serving God for anything else. And today, I want to share with you why, and I hope that you also (if you haven’t already) discover the blessings of faithfully serving God.

Matthew 24:32-44

“The Kingdom and the Fig Tree” • July 2, 2017 • Pastor Robb Oram

After Jesus told His disciples the temple would be completely destroyed (Matthew 24:2), they pressed Him for more details. Jesus responded by describing a number of events and circumstances which He said must occur prior to His return. The information He shared reveals much about when He is coming back, why we can have confidence that what He said will indeed happen, and what we should do while we’re waiting.

Matthew 24:15-31

“The King’s Judgment” • June 25, 2017 • Pastor Bruce Zachary

“Let not your hearts be troubled …” Jesus offers these words of comfort, because our hearts are troubled. Life in this fallen world is overwhelming, and without Jesus physically present it seems even more difficult. Let’s discover why we should not lose heart.