March 28, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

We wrap up "Re:Order" this morning AND it's communion Sunday! Pastor Bill will be preaching from Acts 2 as he discusses three practices of the early church that can help us reconnect relationally and experience the community we crave, because being a part of God's family means we are never alone.


March 21, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

How do we reengage in the mission and purposes Jesus gave us after a year in which everything got turned upside down? In this message Pastor Bill seeks to answer this by examining how the first church began and the lessons we can learn from then now.


March 14, 2021 • Crystal Hall

Which thoughts of yours need to go? What patterns of thinking need to be kicked to the curb? This morning we're talking about reordering our thinking and renewing our minds. What does it look like and why do you need this? Tune in for part 6 of our "Re:Order" series!


March 7, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

In this message from Matthew 6:19-34 we consider three questions from Jesus' words that challenge and encourage us to examine the heart issues that shape how our relationship with money and discuss how we can rebudget in a way that glorifies God, builds our faith and draws us closer to Him.


February 28, 2021 • Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater

Do you ever think about how you're honoring or not honoring God with your body? The Bible says our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and as such, they are not our own but belong to God. In today's message Pastor Nicholas shows us some practical steps we can take to look after our bodies and use them to the glory of God and to live out our full potential.


February 21, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

In this message from Ephesians 5, Pastor Bill talks about how to re:schedule our lives now so we won't live with regret later.


February 14, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

How do we go from spiritually dead and dry to fruitful and abounding in love and joy? Check out this message for a an assessment of where you are, a decision you need to make and a plan to thrive in Jesus!


February 7, 2021 • Bill LaMorey

How can we re-imagine and reorder our lives in such a way that helps us create a better life and a better world? Join us this morning as Pastor Bill talks about that and more for the kickoff of our"Re:Order" series!