Matthew 22b

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June 3, 2018 • Daniel Gilman • Romans 12, Living Sacrifice, Taxes, Pharisees

- When the Pharisees were face to face with Jesus, like us, they are more concerned with questions of doctrine than what Jesus was looking for - their lives. Jesus showed the Pharisees that they owed to Caesar's what was made in his image (the coin) that they owed to God the thing that was made in His own image - Jesus wanted their hearts! We shouldn’t come before the Lord and be marvelled and walk away unchanged, but be transformed into his image by presenting ourselves as living sacrifices to him. Keywords: Romans 12, Living Sacrifice, Taxes, Pharisees

Matthew 28:10

Women Ministers • November 11, 2018 • Andy Falleur

- Because Jesus commissions the women to pass along his instructions to his disciples, this seems like it’s contrary to Paul’s instructions about women in 1 Timothy 2. So, in this study, we looked at both the role and place and significance of women in the New Testament, and then looked afresh at the qualifications for an overseer in 1 Timothy 3. Keywords: Pastor, Overseer, Women, Leadership

Matthew 28:1-10

Risen! • November 4, 2018 • Andy Falleur

- Our Bible Study was from the first 10 verses of Matthew 28, which is Matthew’s record of the resurrection. We looked at the details he gave us, in that it was on Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to view the tomb, and how they were commissioned by the angel, and then by Jesus to share the good news with the disciples. Lastly, we took note of the way Matthew emphasizes the significance of the resurrection. Keywords: Sunday, Women, Resurrection, Gospel Proclamations

Matthew 26:57-66

Buried • October 28, 2018 • Andy Falleur

- In our text, Jesus’s body is buried by Joseph of Arimathea, and the Jewish leaders request a seal and a guard. It’s a fascinating passage because of the repeating structure. We talked about the necessity of Jesus’ death and burial and how it had to be that same day and a rich man doing it. Beyond that, we saw the things that Jesus’s death accomplished. We finished by looking at how death and resurrection become part of the Christian life. Speaker: Andy Falleur Keywords: Death, Promise, Faithless, Death of a Vision