Sermons, conferences, classes and more.

The Off-Season

Bible study through 1 Thessalonians

The Gospel of Mark

Stories of renewal from Mark's gospel, focusing on vignettes of peoples' encounters with Jesus.

Advent (Christmas 2019)

Christmas Messages from December 2019.

Ephesians — Part 7

Teachings on Ephesians 6v10-20 and Spiritual Warfare from Fall 2019

Ephesians — Part 6

Riley and guests preach about our calling as God's people to work

"A Fresh View of Jesus"

Sessions and breakout sessions from our annual pastors and leaders conference

Vision 2019

Vision: To see people broken by sin renewed by Jesus Christ

Ephesians — Part 5

Teachings on marriage and family from Ephesians 5 and 6

Summer Missions '19

Various teachings on "missions" from July and August 2019

Ephesians — Part 4

Summer '19 Bible study through Ephesians 4-5

Daughters Conference 2019

Sessions and panel from Kate Merrick and others at our Spring women's conference.

Practicing Community

Four practices for building the kind of community that Jesus envisions.

Ephesians — Part 3

Pastor Riley Taylor teaches through Ephesians 4

Easter 2019

Messages from the Easter Season in spring 2019

Ephesians — Part 2

Riley Taylor teaches through Ephesians chapter 3

Our God, His People

Tracing the story of God's community through the Bible

Ephesians — Part 1

The first part of our series in Ephesians, from January - February 2019.

A Prayer for Unity

January vision series for 2019

Advent 2018

Christmas at Calvary

Ruth - Equip Fall 2018

Pastor Wayne teaches through the book of Ruth during Wednesday evening Equip classes.

Worshiping In the Dark

Fall Series in 1 Peter