Pastor John Higgins - The Secret That's Been Told

Pastor John Higgins

This study was given by Pastor John Higgins at Calvary Community Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on April 29, 2018 (Pastor John's 79th Birthday). Pastor John is the Senior Pastor of His Church Calvary Chapel in Tempe, Az.

Stories Of The Sacrificed

Katie Adrian

Calling all pro-life advocates and religious leaders in our community. Aborted fetal cells continue to be utilized in pharmaceutical products, with new cell lines being developed in our present day. Please join us as we wrestle through challenging questions with moral & Biblical truths examining our Nations dark history (and present day conflicts) within our medical establishment.

Pastor Ebo Elder - The Great Comeback

Pastor Ebo Elder

This teaching was shared by Ebo Elder at Calvary Community Church on September 20th, 2020. Ebo is a retired professional boxer who held 3 world titles in his career. More importantly, Ebo is a man of God who has a passion to save the lost!

Pastor Dan Dietz - The Lampstands And The Olive Trees

Pastor Dan Dietz

This teaching was shared by Assistant Pastor Dan Dietz at Calvary Community Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For more information about our church visit us online: www.CalvaryCedarRapids.com