Anything But Ordinary

God Chooses the Ordinary

December 19, 2021 • Brandon Thurik

Teaching Pastor Brandon Thurik shares an encouraging message to close our our series, "Anything But Ordinary" .. Reminding us that we do not have to have it all together because God wants to use ordinary people in His Kingdom! He wants to use Calvary Church to reach our cities!

Ordinary Me?

December 19, 2021 • Mike Bullock • Luke 2:1–16, 2 Corinthians 12:9

The birth of Jesus was an extraordinary thing - but God used ordinary people and places for it to take place. God wants to use the ordinary to do something ordinary for His glory! Are you ready to be used of God?

Ordinary Will Do

December 5, 2021 • Letecia Nti

Teaching Pastor Letecia Nti shares a phenomenal message of hope to everyone. In one encounter, God can do the extraordinary using ordinary people. How can your family be used this Christmas season?

An Ordinary Family

December 5, 2021 • Jon Thompson

Mary and Joseph were two ordinary people called to be the parents of Jesus. An ordinary family was called to do the extraordinary. Wait and see what God will do for your family after you say "yes".

Anything But Ordinary

November 28, 2021 • Dianne Andrews • Luke 2:25–27

First Lady Dianne Andrews shares a message on two people from the Bible, Simeon and Anna who are seemingly ordinary people who God used in the Christmas story. The example of Simeon and Anna's faith and devotion are relevant to us today. We never know when God is going to do something extraordinary through us!