The Fear of God

January 10, 2021 • Pastor Marty Sloan

To everything there is a time and a season, and that includes the church. Now is the time to fear God. It’s time to understand who God is, what he wants, and how his power is the only power to change the world. In our newest sermon series, “It’s Time,” we’re exploring the mission of the church and the important role we play.

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God's Timing

January 3, 2021 • Pastor Marty Sloan

In our first series of 2021, we diving into what the Bible teaches us about seasons, time, and purpose. How can a biblical understanding of these elements of life affect the way we do life and serve God and others? Pastor Marty takes us through a journey of Ecclesiastes 3.

The After Show EP. 14 - It's Time To Dig Deeper

January 6, 2021 • Pastor Marty Sloan

In the fourteenth episode of The After Show, Pastor Jason McElwee talks with Pastor Marty Sloan about the new year, digging deeper, and our theme for 2021, It's Time.

The After Show EP. 15 - It's Time To Fear God

January 13, 2021 • Pastor Marty Sloan

In the fifteenth episode of The After Show, Pastor Marty Sloan sits down with Pastor Michael Escamilla and discuss more on fearing God.