Send Me


November 20, 2022 • Dr. Willy Rice • Acts 11:1–4

Solomon Rexius

November 13, 2022 • Solomon Rexius • Acts 16:13–34

The Big Shift

November 6, 2022 • Dr. Willy Rice • Acts 10

Jonah was at Joppa and ran from God’s plan. Peter was at Joppa and saw God’s plan, and answered the call. How many of us are at Joppa today? What is it that God wants us to do? Will you flee from his plan or answer His call?

What does it mean to be sent?

October 30, 2022 • Sammy Rodriguez • Revelation 7:9–17

We are all either goers or senders, who are we reaching with the gospel locally and discipling?