Mothers Day

Sunday 5/8/22 Matthew 20:21-22 - Mothers Day 2022 SS

May 8, 2022

The disciples James and John were part of Jesus inner circle. They were referred to as the “Sons of Thunder”… Ever wonder what their home life was like? What they mom and dad were like? Text: Matthew 20:21-22 Title: Mothers Day 2022 1.Close 2.Active 3.Shine

Mothers Day 2 Timothy 1-3 SS

May 9, 2021

Ever heard of Eunice? Join us tomorrow @calvarychapelyorbalinda for a Mothers Day message as we talk about a mother in the Bible named Eunice, her mom, and Eunice’s son. Title: Eunice 1. Faith is Seen 2. Faith is Shared 3. Faith is Continued